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Concentrated quarantine fees to be payable by passengers entering Vietnam from September 1, 2020

Hồng Thuận

Government’s Office issues the Official Dispatch No. 7713/VPCP-KTTH regarding the Prime Minister’s consent to the Ministry of Finance’s proposal for collection of concentrated quarantine fees to be paid by passengers entering Vietnam. The Circular sets out the following regulations:

* Regarding quarantine costs:

- In case a person entering Vietnam wishes to spend his/her concentrated quarantine period at a hotel which is approved by a competent authority, he/she will pay meal, accommodation and living costs for this period at the prices set by the hotel.

- In case a person entering Vietnam spends his/her concentrated quarantine period at military barracks designated as concentrated quarantine centers, they must pay the following costs:

+ Meal cost: VND 80,000/day.

+ Living costs during these medical quarantine days: VND 40,000/day.

* Foreigners entering Vietnam are required to hold international health insurance policies that may cover medical costs arising in Vietnam during their stay in Vietnam.

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No.7713/VPCP-KTTH (issued on September 15, 2020).


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