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Supreme People’s Court introduces eight new judicial precedents

Thu Linh

On February 25, 2019, Supreme People’s Court issues Decision No. 50/QD-CA on public disclosure of judicial precedents.

The Decision makes eight new judicial precedents available for use during trials from April 15, 2020, including:

- Judicial Precedent No. 30/2020/AL regarding intentional ramming of vehicles into victims after road crashes.

- Judicial Precedent No. 31/2020/AL on determining rights to rent houses or purchase houses under state ownership according to the Government’s Decree No. 61/CP dated July 5, 1994 as property rights.

- Judicial Precedent No. 32/2020/AL regarding the case in which a piece of land used by an individual who then leaves and settles abroad is now stably and permanently used and controlled by another person.

- Judicial Precedent No. 33/2020/AL regarding the case in which an individual assigned land by the state but abandoning it transfers such land to the other who uses and control it in a stable and permanent manner.

- Judicial Precedent No. 34/2020/AL regarding rights to make wills to dispose of land compensations in case of state expropriation with compensation.

- Judicial Precedent No. 35/2020/AL regarding the case in which a Vietnamese person assigns agricultural land to another living in Vietnam before leaving and settling abroad.

- Judicial Precedent No. 36/2020/AL regarding effect of land-use right mortgages in case of withdrawn or revoked land-use right certificates. 

- Judicial Precedent No. 37/2020/AL regarding effect of property insurance contracts in case of the insured’s late payment of insurance premiums.

Decision No. 50/QD-CA is entering into force from the signature date.



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