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QCVN 04:2019/BXD prescribes minimum unit space of apartment building

Quý Tân

Ministry of Construction has promulgated the Circular No. 21/2019/TT-BXD regarding National Technical Regulation on apartment buildings (QCVN 04:2019/BXD).

The Circular regulates the minimum usable space of an apartment unit as follows:

- The minimum usable space of an apartment unit is not less than 25 m2 and meets several following specific requirements:

+ Each apartment unit must have at least one room and one toilet space;

+ In each commercial housing project, the number of apartment units with usable space of less than 45 m2 do not account for more than 25% of total number of apartments;

+ Each apartment is illuminated by sunlight. If there are at least 2 rooms, either room will not need sunlight; 

+ Usable space of a bedroom in an apartment is not less than 9 m2, is well-ventilated and illuminated by sunlight.

- Usable space of each condotel apartment is not less than 25 m2.

- Usable space of an officetel apartment is not less than 25 m2, including the office space which is at least 9 m2 without any kitchen inside.

Circular No. 21/2019/TT-BXD is entering into force on July 1, 2020.



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