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Nine cases of bailiff’s prohibition against issuance of certificates of proof of service

Ngọc Duy

This is the highlight of the Decree No. 08/2020/ND-CP on organization and operation of bailiff offices.

In accordance with Article 37 in this Decree, there are nine cases where bailiffs are prohibited from issuing certificates of proof of service, including:

- Violating regulations on national defence and security, including illegally disclosing state secrets, spreading news, materials and objects classified as state secrets, etc.;

- Infringing upon personal and family privacy in accordance with Article 38 of the Civil Code; violating social ethics;

- Certifying contents of and signatures affixed to contracts or transactions that fall within the ambit of notary public or authentication offices, etc.;

- Recording events and acts for transfer of rights of ownership and use of land and attached property without written documents evidencing these rights in accordance with regulations in force;

- Recording events and acts for performance of transaction in contravention of laws by applicants for certificates of proof of service;

- Recording events and acts of public officers, servants or employees,…on duty.

For more details, please read the Decree No. 08/2020/ND-CP (coming into effect on February 24, 2020).



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