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Goods showing “Nine-dash line” images or information are strictly banned

Nguyễn Liên

This is the directive given in the Official Dispatch No. 8327/BCT-XTTM of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on strengthening inspection and assessment of commercial activities taking falling within its remit.

This document reports that enterprises and importers have recently sold, displayed and promoted goods containing "Nine-dash line" image and information. This may cause negative impacts on Vietnam’s national security and territorial sovereignty.

Ministry of Industry and Trade requests Vietnam Directorate of Market Surveillance, and Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces and centrally-affiliated cities, to take the following actions to deal with these goods:

- Liaise with entities concerned to communicate with the public and consumers under their jurisdiction to raise their alert and prevent them from buying and using these goods, as well as promptly report to regulatory authorities when detecting these goods;

- Carry out enhanced inspection and oversight, within their ambit, of activities in the industry and trade domain, including production, trading, import and export, etc. to detect and impose strict penalties on goods in breach of these regulations.

Products with “Nine-dash line” images displayed for sale in public is a serious act likely to harm national security and territorial sovereignty of Vietnam, and in breach of laws currently in force.   In order to prevent and sanction any similar violation, it is urgent that connection amongst state bodies, the public and enterprises be required.   In particular, the State needs to raise public awareness of seriousness of this act; in addition, the public and enterprises must strictly comply with directives given by regulatory authorities by not buying, using and reporting the products showing "nine-dash line" images and information to competent regulatory authorities as soon as possible", Lawyer Bui Tuong Vu, Director of THƯ VIỆN PHÁP LUẬT Co., emphasized.

- Inform and warn enterprises falling within their remit to take initiative in reviewing specification and other information about imports and other traded products so as to prevent import and trading of products containing "Nine-dash line" images and information.

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No. 8327/BCT-XTTM promulgated on November 1, 2019.



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