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Websites showing contents reposted from others must show original links

Thu Linh

The Ministry of Information and Communications has recently issued the Official Dispatch No. 3835/BTTTT-PTTH&TTDT regarding adjustment to operations of reposted content websites.

According to this document, in order to correct recurrent violations arising from operations of reposted content websites, the Ministry of Information and Communications requests provincial Departments of Information and Communications to take several pressing actions, specifically including:

- From November 1, 2019, enterprises and news agencies will be temporarily suspended from establishing reposted content websites. 

- It will be mandatory for reposted content websites to attach original links to access information or other contents that these websites have reposted.

- Reposted content websites must reach written agreements with news agencies on authorizing them to repost original contents and must submit these agreements to licensing authorities by November 15, 2019.

Reposted content website refers to an journalistic information product that is administered by an entity or enterprise, providing general information collected from links to journalistic sources or citing verbatim and accurate journalistic contents from sources in accordance with regulations of law on intellectual property – Clause 20 of Article 3 in the 2016 Press Law. 

For more details, please read the Official Dispatch No. 3835/BTTTT-PTTH&TTDT promulgated on October 29, 2019.



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