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Instructions on setting time limits or dates for creating and signing electronic invoices are ready for use

Ngọc Duy

This is the main purpose of the Circular No. 68/2019/TT-BTC providing instructions on implementation of several articles of the Decree No. 119/2018/ND-CP on electronic invoices issued upon sale of goods or provision of services. The Circular sets out the following regulations:

The date of issuance of an electronic invoice is the date on which the seller gives their digital or electronic signature, and must be displayed in the (dd/mm/yyyy) format according to instructions given in Article 4 in this Circular.

Time limits for creating electronic invoices are regulated in the following cases:

- If goods are sold, services are rendered or goods are shipped in multiple times, or each project item or service stage is transferred, such time limits will be determined according to regulations laid down in clause 1, 2 and 3 of Article 7 in the Decree No. 119; 

- In case of construction or installation activities, the date of creation of an invoice will coincide with the date of commissioning and transfer of project, project item or complete installation, irrespective of whether money is collected or not;

- In case of crude oil prospecting, exploration and mining, etc. the time limit for issuance of an invoice will be subject to regulations laid down in clause 1 and 3 of Article 7 in the Decree No. 119, regardless of whether money is collected or not.

Circular No. 68/2019/TT-BTC is entering into force on November 14, 2019.



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