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Remarkable contents of Circulars coming into force from the end of September, 2019

Kim Hằng

THƯ VIỆN PHÁP LUẬT would like to introduce remarkable contents of Circulars that come into force from September 21, 2019.

1. Support for vocational training in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Circular No. 49/2019/TT-BTC providing guidance on the management and use of State budget for supporting the human resource development of SMEs enters into force on September 23, 2019.

According to this Circular, an employee in a small and medium-sized enterprise shall be exempted from tuition fee one time only and the maximum amount of exemption shall not exceed VND 2 million for one person per course under the following conditions:

- He/she has been working for the SME for at least 06 consecutive months;

- He/she is not over 50 (for males), or 45 (for females) years old.

 Other costs of the vocational training course, such as costs of meals, transportation, shall be agreed upon by the enterprise and its employees.

2. General standards of the Heads, Deputy Heads of Departments of Education and Training of district

This is the content of Circular 10/2019/TT-BGDDT on standards of Heads, Deputy Heads of Departments of Education and Training under the management of the People’s Committees of districts.

According to this Circular, the Head and Deputy Heads of a Department of Education and Training shall meet the following requirements, which are specified in Article 3 of the Circular:

- Graduated from universities of pedagogy or graduated from university and have certificate in pedagogical training.

- Having certificate of training for heads, deputy heads of department of education and training in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Having been working in education for at least 05 years.

- Having the capacity to cooperate with other relevant organizations, individuals to effectively implement assigned tasks etc.

Circular No. 10/2019/TT-BGDDT takes effect from September 30 2019.

3. Regulations on the limits on spending on appraisal of educational materials by local authorities

This is one of the contents of Circular No. 51/2019/TT-BTC (which takes effect from September 30,2019) providing guidance on estimation, payment and settlement of funds for compilation and appraisal of local educational materials.

According to this Circular, a number of spendings for the appraisal of a local educational materials (the duration of an appraisal must not exceed 3 days) are prescribed as follows:

- Spending on meals: Maximum of VND 200.000/person/day.

- Spending on drinks: Maximum of VND 40.000/person/day.

- Spending on transportation: not limited;

- The spending on lease of halls (if any), working-trip allowance and spending on stationery, printing materials comply with current regulations;

- Spending on material appraisal: Maximum of VND 15.000/person/session.

- Payment to members of the Board of Appraisal (on the period of appraisal) are as follows:

For the President of the Board: Maximum of VND 200.000/person/session.

For the Vice President, members and secretary of the Board: Maximum of VND 150.000/person/session.

4. Repealing 27 legal documents regarding military and national defense

Circular No. 129/2019/TT-BQP repealing a number of legislative documents regarding military and national defense takes effect from September 30, 2019.

According to this Circular, 27 legislative documents regarding military and national defense are repealed. For instance:

- Joint Circular No. 182/2007/TTLT-BQP-BCA-BGDDT-BNV dated December 04, 2007;

- Circular No. 30/2007/TT-BQP dated February 26, 2007;

- Circular No. 03/2008/TT-BQP dated January 09, 2008;

- Circular No. 131/2013/TT-BQP dated May 08, 2013;

- Circular No. 1691/TT-QP dated July 08, 1997;

- Joint Circular No. 03/TTLT-BQP-BCA dated August 17, 1998;

- Circular No. 148/2012/TT-BQP dated November 20, 2009;

- Joint Circular No. 190/2005/TLT-BQP-BLĐTBXH-BTC December 07, 2005;

- Circular No. 215/2013/TT-BQP dated December 13, 2013;

- Circular No. 118/2015/TT-BQP dated October 13, 2015;

- Circular No. 196/2010/TT-BQP dated November 26, 2010;

- Circular No. 159/2004/QĐ-BQP dated December 02, 2004; 

- Circular No. 126/2007/QĐ-BQP dated August 15, 2007...


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