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Corporate tax inspection and examination tasks to be strengthened

Hải Hà

Ministry of Finance has recently promulgated Directive No. 01/CT-BTC on strengthening of state budget collection tasks in a bid to fulfilling state budget collection duties and tax administration tasks in 2019.

With a view to fulfilling state budget collection tasks assigned in 2019, The Directive prescribes that Heads of tax authorities at all levels must put more emphasis on the following tasks:

- Strengthened control of tax inspections and examinations at enterprises posing high tax-related risks, enterprises receiving large tax refund amounts, etc., carried out on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis in order to organize resources meeting tax inspection and examination needs. 

- On-time monitoring and update of operations of enterprises, especially large enterprises.

They are required to promote oversight of taxpayer’s tax declarations to ensure timely collection of taxes that may arise.

- Implementation of drastic actions to expedite voluntary and mandatory recovery of tax debts, including reviewing and classifying debts; closely monitoring and overseeing debts; push for recovery of overdue debts, etc. 

- Cooperation with local land and financial authorities in reviewing collection of payments on land use fees, land rentals, water surface rents, and ensuring full and timely collection of land-related payments that may arise. 

Directive No. 01/CT-BTC is promulgated on August 29, 2019.


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