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Non-public education development solutions are now available

Mộng Thơ

The Government has promulgated the Resolution No. 35/NQ-CP on strengthened mobilization of resource in the community for development of education and training in the 2019 – 2025 period.

With a view to increasing from 8.75% of non-public education institutions and 8.9% of students in these students in 2020 to 13.5% and 16%, respectively, in 2025, the Government has recommended several following solutions: 

- Completing the support regime with the aim of changing from support for education institutions to support directly granted to policy beneficiaries, or from support according to the average dispensing mechanism to support under the state procurement mechanism;

- Reforming administrative procedures, simplifying documentation requirements for establishment and operation of non-public education institutions;

- Giving equal treatment and creating an environment of fair and transparent competitiveness, irrespective of public and non-public education institutions;

- Promoting grant of autonomy to public education institutions and encouraging them to exercise financial autonomy.

For more details, please read the Resolution No. 35/NQ-CP in force on June 4, 2019.


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