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Resolution No. 03/2019/NQ-HDTP provides instructions about Article 324 in 2015 Criminal Code

Trần Trang

Recently, the Jury Board of Supreme People’s Court has promulgated the Resolution No. 03/2019/NQ-HDTP providing instructions on application of Article 324 in the Criminal Code on the crime of money laundering.

According to this Resolution, the term “money and/or property generated by a criminal activity” will be construed as follows:

- Money includes Vietnamese dong and foreign currency; maybe, cash or money deposited in accounts.

- Property includes value-bearing objects or instruments and property rights prescribed in the Criminal Code which may exist in material or non-material form; movable or immovable property; tangible or intangible property; documents or legal instruments evidencing property rights or interests.

- Money and property generated by a criminal activity refers to money and property obtained from commission of crimes specified in the Court’s judgements and evidencing documents provided by procedural entities, evidencing documents of Interpol and FATF, etc.

In addition, the Resolution also regulates several circumstances of money laundering crime in the 2015 Criminal Code.

The Resolution No. 03/2019/NQ-HDTP is set to take effect on July 7, 2019.


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