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Instructions about certification requirements for science and technology enterprises are now available for use

Hồng Thuận

Ministry of Science and Technology has promulgated the Official Dispatch No. 1048/BKHCN-PTTTDN providing instructions on granting certificates of science and technology under the Decree No. 13/2019/ND-CP dated February 1, 2019.

According to this document, requirements for certification of science and technology enterprises prescribed in Article 6 in the Decree No. 13 mentioned above comprises the followings:

- They must be established and operated as per the Law on Enterprises.

- They must have competence in creating or applying scientific and technological results already evaluated, assessed and recognized. In particular, enterprises may fall into either cases below:

+ Having competence in creating scientific and technological results: This means that enterprises must be able to autonomously research, develop, complete and create scientific and technological results.

+ Having competence in applying scientific and technological results: This means that enterprises must satisfy necessary requirements for application of scientific and technological results to their manufacturing and business activities.

- They must conform to sales percentage requirements.

+ As for those already established for 5 years or above, their sales from manufacturing and business of products acquired from scientific and technological results must account for at least 30% of total sales.

+ Those established for under 5 years are not bound to meet sales percentage requirements.

The Official Dispatch No. 1048/BKHCN-PTTTDN is promulgated on April 16, 2019.


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