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Instructions on cases subject to application requirements for exhibition permits are about to take effect

Văn Dũng

This is the highlight of the Decree No. 23/2019/ND-CP on exhibitions.

According to the Decree, persons wishing to hold exhibitions must apply for exhibition permits if the following situations occur:

- Exhibitions are held abroad by Vietnamese organizations and individuals;

- International exhibitions are held by foreign organizations and individuals in Vietnam.

In addition, the Circular also prescribes cases where, before holding exhibitions, the exhibition notice must be sent to: 

- Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism if:

+ Exhibitions are held by centrally-governed organizations in Vietnam.

+ Exhibitions are jointly held in Vietnam by organizations in at least 02 provinces and cities. 

- Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism or Departments of Culture and Sports if: Exhibitions are held by local organizations or are locally held by individuals.

Notes:  The abovementioned regulations will not be applied to the following exhibitions:

- Photo and fine arts exhibitions; print publications, precious items and antiques exhibitions ; museum exhibitions; exhibitions on national and local socio-economic achievements;  

- Displays of internally-used works, exhibits and materials.

The Decree No. 23/2019/ND-CP is set to enter into force on April 15, 2019.



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