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Remarkable policies coming into force from the end of February 2019

Nguyễn Liên

The below remarkable policies on finance, import and export come into force from 21st to 28th February, 2019:

1. Regulations on use of cars by State officials

Decree No.04/2019/ND-CP on standards and restrictions on car use come into force from February 25, 2019.

According to the Decree, the persons holding the following positions are entitled to regularly use one car regardless of its value, including those in their retirement: General Secretary, President, Prime Minister and Chairperson of National Assembly.

The persons holding the following positions are entitled to regularly use one car during performance of their duties: Members of the Politburo, Secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Deputy President, Deputy Prime Minister and Vice Chairperson of National Assembly

The Prime Minister shall decide the type and purchase prices of cars provided for the aforesaid persons at the time of provision. 

In addition, the following persons may regularly use one car at the maximum price of VND 1,100 million/car during their performance of their duties: State Auditor General, Ministers, Directors of ministerial agencies, Members of the Standing Committee of National Assembly.

2. Press reporters on information about the Ministry of National Defense must present required documents

This is a remarkable content of Circular No.03/2019/TT-BQP on management of press related to the Ministry of National Defense.

According to the Circular, domestic press reporters who wish to report any information related to entities affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense shall present the press card (if any), ID card and one of the following documents:

-  Recommendation letter of the press agency;

-  Recommendation letter of the competent political agency;

-  Invitation letter

The letter of recommendation shall clearly specify full name (pen-name), job title, position, job contents, name of the agency/individual to be approached and working duration.

The recommendation letter of the press agency shall bear the signature and seal of its editor-in-chief (Director), assistant editor (Deputy Director).

As mentioned above, the new regulations require domestic reporters to present their press card before performing any press activities related to the Ministry of National Defense. (previously not required)

Circular No.03/2019/TT-BQP comes into force from February 26, 2019 and will replace Circular No.164/2014/TT-BQP dated November 17, 2014.

3. New guidelines for checkpoints for import of waste

Circular No.01/2019/TT-BCT on checkpoints for import of waste is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on January 09, 2019. 

To be specific, waste used for production purpose shall be imported through predetermined checkpoints, except road and rail checkpoints.

According to the Circular, the types of waste permitted for import for production purpose will be specified in the Prime Minister’s list.

This Circular does not apply to temporary import, re-export and transit of waste.

Circular No.01/2019/TT-BCT comes into force from February 22, 2019.

4. Promulgating the list of prisons during war

Circular No.02/2019/TT-BLĐTBXH amends Clause 2 Article 9 of Circular No.16/2014/TT-BLDTBXH on guidelines for conformation and implementation of incentive policies intended for people with meritorious services to the revolution.

According to the Circular, the list of prisons and places used as prisons during wars is promulgated in order to define participants in revolutions and resistance wars who had been imprisoned or exiled by the enemy.

The list includes prisons in 58 provinces and cities and the Southern front of Vietnam, for example:

- Hanoi city including Nha Tien; Hoa Lo; Nha Ruou; Thanh Liet prison, etc.

- Ho Chi Minh City including Catina prison; Tran Hung Dao city police station; Phu Lam; Hang Keo Gia Dinh prison, etc.

- Da Nang city including Con Ga; Da Nang; Kho Dan; Hoa Vang prison, etc.

More details can be found in Circular No.02/2019/TT-BLDTBXH which comes into force from February 21, 2019.


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