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Procedures for inspection of exported products of botanical origin are launched

Hoài Thương

This is one of the regulations laid down in the Circular No. 44/2018/TT-BNNPTNT on state inspection of conformity of exported products of botanical origin with food safety requirements.

Pursuant to the Circular, if an importing country imposes food safety inspection requirements and procedures on food products of botanical origin, the following actions must be taken:

- Exporting organizations or individuals must submit a set of legally required documents to regional Subdepartments of Plant Quarantine or Plant Quarantine Stations at bordergates (hereinafter referred to as Inspecting Body);    

- These documents will be submitted and decisions on whether these documents are accepted or refused will be received directly or by post or online via the Public Service portal;

- After receipt of these documents, within 01 working day, the Inspecting Body will consider issuing its decision, if submitted documents are valid; will inform applicants and clarify necessary supplementation if submitted documents are invalid;

- Within duration of 02 working days of receipt of all required documents, the Inspecting Body must check dossiers of the exported shipment and send a written notification by using the form given in the Appendix II to this Circular or following instructions of the importing country.

Documentation requirements are determined in detail at Clause 1 of Article 4 in the Circular No. 44/2018/TT-BNNPTNT (entering into force on February 22, 2019).


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