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Application requirements for permission for founding of branches of foreign cultural establishments in Vietnam

Mỹ Duyên

This content is newly prescribed in the Decree No. 126/2018/ND-CP on founding and operation of foreign cultural establishments in Vietnam.

Under this Decree, foreign cultural establishments operating within the territory of Vietnam that meet requirements for eligibility for permission to found their branches need to prepare a set of documents submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, including:

- Application form for permission to found branches, using the Form 06 appended to this Decree;

- Copy of the Certificate of registration or the License for founding and operation of foreign cultural establishments in Vietnam;

- Performance review report on operations of foreign cultural establishments from the date of issue of the registration certificate or license till the date of establishment of a branch;

- Criminal record (or equivalent document) of the person recommended to be appointed as the branch’s head, which is issued by a competent authority and obtains consular authentication. 

If any document included in the set of application documents is written in any foreign language, a Vietnamese version of such document must be enclosed.

The Decree No. 18/2001/ND-CP will enter into force from the entry into force of the Decree No. 126/2018/ND-CP (November 5, 2018).


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