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Some issues requiring attention upon proceeding of criminal cases from January 01, 2018

Hồng Phương

This is a notable content of the Official Dispatch No. 04/TANDTC-PC on application of the Criminal Code 2015 and National Assembly’s Resolution No. 41/2017/QH14.

According to the Official Dispatch, from January 01, 2018 (the effective date of the Criminal Code 2015), when proceeding criminal cases and enforcing criminal judgments, People’s Courts at all levels are required to pay attention to some issues, such as:

- All clauses of the Criminal Code 2015 applicable to accusation, investigation, prosecution, trial and enforcement of judgments will be applied to crimes that are committed from 00:00 on January 01, 2018;

- Regarding the new provisions on crimes that were combined in the Criminal Code 1999:

+ The new provisions shall apply to crimes committed before 00:00 on January 01, 2018 if they are more favorable to the offenders;

+ The old provisions that are still effective before 00:00 on January 01, 2018 will be applied if the new provisions are less favorable to the offenders.

See more details in the Official Dispatch No. 04/TANDTC-PC dated January 09, 2018.



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