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The Supreme Court's responses to certain inquiries about legacy division

Tài Giỏi

Legacy division is one of matters mentioned in the Response No. 01/GD-TANDTC on inquiries about the Supreme People’s Court practices sent by certain courts arising from the actual adjudication.

In particular, the Supreme Court gives responses to 2 inquiries relevant to the legacy division as follows:

- Periods of prescription to file a claim against the estate (real property) of a person who died before 1987 that a court has accepted so far;

- Determining value of estate (house or land) when related entities fail to agree on the value without a request for measurement or valuation.

In addition, the Supreme People’s Court also provides responses to 7 other inquiries in the civil procedures, such as:

- The plaintiff failing to pay an extra property appraisal fee when the actual fee is higher than the advance payment;
- The judge failing to issue a decision on recognition of successful reconciliation between involved parties within the prescribed time limit;

- Decision on a divorce to be made when the couple made a successful reconciliation but the divorce petition has not withdrawn;

- Reconciliation in civil cases when involved parties request no reconciliation, etc.

See the Response No. 01/GD-TANDTC dated January 5, 2018 for further details.


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