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New regulations on application procedures for registration of enterprise establishment

Tài Giỏi

On December 27, 2017 the Government has already issued the Resolution No. 136/NQ-CP on streamlining of administrative procedures and application documentation concerning residence administration under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Accordingly, documentation requirements and contents of application and declaration forms necessary to apply for registration of establishment of enterprises will be subject to changes in the coming time, specifically including:

- In terms of documentation requirements:

Repealing the documentation requirement such as “Citizen Identification card, Identity card, passport or other legally-required documents" for application of registration of enterprises.

- In terms of application and declaration forms:

+ Replacing the regulation regarding “permanent address, nationality, numbers of Citizen Identification card, Identity card, passport or other evidences of legal person" by "personal identification numbers" in the contents of the Request and Certificate of Enterprise Registration.

+ Replacing information about citizen and Citizen Identification in sample documents, forms or declaration sheets, etc., required for registration of enterprises, by "family name, middle name and last name, and personal identification numbers”. 

For more details, please read the Resolution No. 136/NQ-CP that will enter into force from the signature date.



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