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Time length required for registration of sales invoices is reduced to one day

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This is the highlight of the Decision No. 2497/QD-BTC regarding the Proposal for Prevention and Control of Law Violations, collaboration on crime prevention and control in such sectors as finance, securities, etc.; transfer pricing and tax evasion of enterprises.

According to the Proposal, the Ministry of Finance will reduce the time length required for enterprises to file applications for registration of their internally printed involves or externally printed invoices to the tax authority having direct jurisdiction over them from 05 business days to 01 business day. 

Formerly, the Circular No. 37/2017/TT-BTC prescribed that, if the receiving tax authority does not have any feedback in writing on the written request for registration of internally/externally printed invoices after 02 business days of receipt of that request, requesting enterprises shall be allowed to use these invoices.

Additionally, for the purpose of preventing any tax fraud, the Ministry of Finance has employed 03 different approaches relating to sales invoices including:

- It adopts a regulation under which certain enterprises will be bound to use electronic invoices;

- It adopts a regulation under which the tax authority will be obliged to assist medium and small-sized enterprises with their implementation of electronic invoices; 

- Enterprises will be allowed to use invoices immediately on the day when issuance of invoices is notified and sample invoices which are legally prepared are sent to the tax authority having direct jurisdiction over these enterprises.  

The Decision No. 2497/QD-BTC enters into force from December 4, 2017.


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