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Tour guides signing employment contract whose term is at least 1 month must pay Social Security contributions

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The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has recently issued the Official Dispatch No. 1615/TCDL-LH elaborating eligibility requirements for practice as a tour guide which are provided by the 2017 Law on Tourism as follows:

The employment contract of a tour guide with a travel company may be an indefinite-term contract, fixed-term contract, seasonal contract or piecework contract whose term is less than 12 months.  

Any tour guide holding an indefinite-term employment contract or any contract whose term is at least one month will be bound to participate in the compulsory Social Security program as prescribed by the Law on Social Security.

Employers will be charged with acting on behalf of their employees to preparing documents required for issue of social security books and withholding part of salaries of all employees as the monthly payment to the Social Security fund in accordance with laws in force.   

In addition, in order to obtain permission for practice as a tour guide who works without an employment contract for a travel company while being an employee having an employment contract with another travel company, (s)he must enter into a written agreement prescribed by the 2017 Law on Tourism. 

The date of signing of the Official Dispatch 1615/TCDL-LH is December 1, 2017.




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